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Pulse surveys *

“With this kind of dynamic feedback, we can put insight to work, fast.”

Incorporating feedback into your business is more cost-effective than you think

* In partnership with bountiXP

Employee pulse survey

Respond to issues, ideas, inputs and opinions as they emerge

Customer pulse survey

See which touchpoints are in need of improvement

Channel pulse survey

Examine partner sentiment and enhance your support

Instant insight and impact analysis

Ready to send

Choose from preset surveys or customise your own

Send on time

Send according to your own ‘drag and drop’ schedule

Simple does it

Simple, targeted questions ensure high response rates

Assure anonymity

Get open and honest feedback

Real-time insights

Visual dashboard of charts, tables and graphs

Set up in 5 steps

Five simple steps to activation

How it works



  • Choose survey plan (premium, enterprise)


  • Structure your survey (name, language setting)
  • Select demographics and response scale
  • Set survey schedule (weekly, monthly, ad hoc drag and drop)
  • Insert content (custom or adapt existing)
  • Brand your survey
  • Select report types (subject to choice of plan)
  • API links for 3rd party integration


  • Communicate with respondents
  • Monitor live feedback


  • 24/7 reports available
  • Results summary, strategy and heat maps
  • Drill down to detail (charts, commentary, questions)
  • Comparative demographic analysis
  • Historical trend analysis
  • High/low scoring questions

(Enterprise plans)POST-SURVEY

  • Offline analysis
  • Remedial action report
  • Support services (consulting, engagement programs)