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Customer surveys

“Finally, we’re making meaningful contact with our customers.”

Quality assessment is the starting point for CX advancement

Customer experience survey

Measure and assess your organisation’s current CX

Actionable insights for increased customer lifetime value

Strategy mapping

Links feedback to business objectives

Review live analytics

Using demographic and behavioural filters

Personalised content

Based on real and relevant data

Create reports and dashboards

Set up data for interactive visualisation

Monitor live responses

Track engagement as it happens

Identify & improve touchpoints

Ensure every experience delights

Set up in 5 steps

Five simple steps to activation

How it works



  • Choose survey plan (premium, enterprise)


  • Structure your survey (name, language setting)
  • Select demographics and response scale
  • Set survey schedule (weekly, monthly, ad hoc)
  • Insert content (custom or adapt existing)
  • Brand your survey
  • Select report types (subject to choice of plan)


  • Communicate with respondents
  • Monitor live feedback


  • 24/7 reports available
  • Results summary, strategy and heat maps
  • Drill down to detail (charts, commentary, questions)
  • Comparative demographic analysis
  • Historical trend analysis
  • High/low scoring questions
  • Statistical regression
  • Key driver analysis
  • Database download (subject to choice of plan)

(Enterprise plans)POST-SURVEY

  • Offline analysis
  • Remedial action report
  • Support services (consulting, engagement programs)