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Scale the functionality to suit your needs

$5 750
12 month licence - unlimited surveyseValueeValue
Single and Pulse* surveyseValueeValue
Own survey content or use of customisable templateseValueeValue
Unlimited respondents and survey questionseValueeValue
White label brandingeValueeValue
Selected survey questions to different respondentseValueeValue
Likert Scale response types and scoringeValueeValue
Invitation, Reminder and 'Thank You' emailseValueeValue
Live monitoring of survey progresseValue
Real-time, online and drill-down reportseValueeValue
- Interactive heat map reportseValueeValue
- Comparative demographic reportseValueeValue
- Open-ended text reportseValueeValue
- Historic trend reportseValue
- Statistical key driver analysis (Importance/Performance)eValue
Export of database results and reportseValue
Post-survey offline analysis and reporteValue
  • Payable annually in advance (fee includes multiple survey types and repeat surveys)
  • Pulse price on application